Symi despite its small size has many monasteries that you can visit. The most famous one is Panormitis, a big monastery that each year gathers thousands of Christians that are driven by their faith. People usually offer a broom that is believed to aid in the completion of miracles regarding the health of their loved ones.

Iera Moni Panormitou

The monastery of Panormitis is situated in the south part of the island. On its celebration (8th of November and Pentecost) people visit the monastery from all over the country. Food, wine and free residence are offered to the visitors. Some believe that an ancient temple existed, but this cannot be proven from archaeological findings.

The existence of the Panormitis monastery in the 15th century is proven by a manuscript of 1460. In the folk legends, the foundation of the Panormitis monastery is tied in with the devotion of the Symiot people. The monastery has two museums. One of ecclesiastical art, rich in exhibits like pontificals, silver icons, Russian epitaphs and ecclesiastical utensils, ship models offerings brought to Panormitis from far away by the sea and one of folk art with important objects of the folk culture of the island, relevant to fishing, agriculture and shepherding.

There is also a library with Byzantine manuscripts and editions of ecclesiastical, historical and philological content, as well as a gallery with paintings of the landscape of the monastery and his two chapels.

The telephone of the monastery for any information and bookings is (+30) 22460 71581.