MINA Boutique

Mina’s Boutique is the paradise of women & men when it comes to shopping therapy! We are the pioneers of the island in our kind. Prices cater for medium and high end fashion. From inexpensive choices to very high standard clothing, bags, high heels, dresses, swimming suits, Montale perfumes and many more.


A sophisticated Jewelry Boutique named ARCO comes from its well-designed arches. ARCO offers products for all women's tastes. We host Byzantine jewelry, but also jewelry designed by artist Panagiotis Tanimanidis. Greek handbags ZEUS & DIONE, Greek Sandals, Elena Makri and many other top Greek Brands. We are waiting for you to try your favorite piece as well, filling your wardrobe with style.


For the first time in Greece we host one of Turkey's leading clothing chains. Vakkorama has fashionable summer clothing options and separate swimwear! Each fashion season begins with a colorful and dynamic style of unique interpretation that defines Vakkorama's style.

SWIMS in Symi

We combine light & colorful clothes, swimsuits, sandals, accessories & a big variety of swimming shoes for men and women. Brands like Vilebrequin, Dar Mode, Despi, American Vintage, Toms, Ipanema, Sunski sunglasses, Benson, Parajumpers & Swims are ready to offer what you need for your summer vibe. Located in the center of the harbor you will find us along your way.