History of Symi

Symi’s history in a moment.

Symian history facts:

The myth says that the first resident of the island was from Pontos. He went there after mistakenly interpreting an oracle from Pythia.

The great historian Homer stated that Symi took part in the Trojan War (1194-1184 BC).

Dorians, Minoans and Pelasgians from Mikra Asia inhabited the island since 2000 BC.

Persians ruled the island during 3rd-4th century BC.

Aleaxander the Great defeated the Persians and claimed Symi back in the Macedonian Empire. He died in 323 BC.

Symi was part of the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC.

In 1309 The Knights of St John took over Rhodes, Karpathos, Kasos, Patmos and Symi. The islanders became experts in sailing, sponge gathering and shipping constructions.

In 31th of March 1947 the Englishmen gave the island to the Greek Army. The formal ceremony of unification with the Greek nation took place in 7th March 1948.

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