Swims Symi

Swims Symi

Top choice summer clothes

We combine light & colorful clothes, swimsuits, sandals, accessories & a big variety of swimming shoes for men and women. Brands like Vilebrequin, Dar Mode, Despi, American Vintage, Toms, Ipanema, Sunski sunglasses, Benson, Parajumpers & Swims are ready to offer what you need for your summer vibe. Located in the center of the harbor you will find us along your way.

At SWIMS we love water. Whether we swim in it under the bright blue sky or see it falling from the heavens above. Our love of water makes us relevant in almost every part of the world. On the way to the office or when heading to the beach.

Back in 2006, SWIMS was founded in Oslo, Norway and breathed new life into the almost-forgotten galosh. We started off with the simple idea of transforming the galosh, a purely practical utility product to a classy lifestyle item with bold personality. While Scandinavia is famous for its clean and minimalistic design, Norwegian brands are particularly functional and have to adapt to the highly contrasting seasons they face at home. Norwegians are famous for fearlessly adapting to heavy winters and 'warm' summers at the fjords, therefore require ultimate versatility and functionality. With that in mind, we allow the typical urban Scandinavian to look sleek with a touch of chicness, comfort and functionality for both slushy winter days in the city and hot days out on the boat.

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Located in the center of the harbor you will find us along your way.