LOS Symi - Art Yacht Club

Top choice Lobster, Oyster and Sushi

The name LOS stands for Lobster, Oyster and Sushi, which represents the base of the restaurant. Here our guests can delight themselves with a healthy breakfast, a chic lunch and an elegant dinner, enjoying fresh and tasteful meals with a wide variety of flavors.

On the second floor our Art Gallery revives the Italian former offices, where they signed the Surrender of the Dodekanisos Islands, back in 1945. On its walls are exhibited artworks with international appeal as Philippe Pasqua, Erro, Adami and Pavlos as well as important Greek artists represented by a major Gallery and Auction House, the Kapopoulos Fine Arts Ltd.

After enjoying an elegant dinner the story continues. During the night LOS transforms into a night club of the sponge divers. Here the best cocktails, exclusive drinks and great music will travel us back in time and the ancient Greek spirit will offer a unique entertainment experience.