Symi island




Symi Top is created with the intention of giving complete information and promotion of Symi. It is sponsored by the top businesses of the island and that is how the site got its name.

Ten Good Reasons For Visiting Symi:

1. Location

Symi is located South-East of the Aegean sea

Symi is 23 nautical miles from Rhodes island and is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Greece. And for those who prefer quality than quantity, personal tourism than mass tourism, they come to Symi island to escape from noisy Rhodes with many daily ferries available – especially in the summer season. From Athens you only need 45 minutes to reach Rhodes Airport, with daily flights and charters in throughout the summer season. From Athens Piraeus port every day there are fast Ferries direct to Rhodes and 1or 2 times a week direct to SYMI through all the small islands. There are also a very large number of direct cheap flights and charters to Rhodes from all over Europe. In addition, even in winter time you will still find charter flights from other countries, mostly from ITALY. Low cost air companies like RYANAIR is already in the game

Symi is very close to the Turkey coast

Being only 6 miles from Turkey and in between one of the busiest marine passages in the whole Mediterranean, this allows for easy access to and forth Marmaris, Gocek and Antalya in the Southern of Turkey and Bodrum, Kushandasi e.t.c. in the Northern part. SYMI is right in between all these destinations.

In all these MARINAS which are the biggest in the Mediterranean sea, there are more than 10000 boats (sailing boats, motor boats and MEGA YACHTS) sailing all year round. So, from south everybody goes to north and from north to south. SYMI is in the middle and only 2 miles away from the main passage and because Symi is one of the most beautiful spots to see, almost every boat throughout the summer makes a stop at our island for at least over night.

That is what makes Symi island one of the top VIP boat destinations today!


2. Climate

Symi has a very special climate. Apart that is located South-East enjoying 300 days of sunny days throughout the year; Symi has one of the best climates of all the Dodecanese islands. Most of the islands have a lot of humidity. Symi has almost none, because half of the island is dry and rocky where the people live and the other half very green like Switzerland. Many people have said about how they had their best sleep in their life when the visited our island!

3. Beauty

Although beauty means different things for different people, most would agree that when you are in Symi you would think that you are living in a portrait and in a fairy tale from days gone by. With a unique colorful and characteristic architecture, breathtaking natural scenery, isolated gulfs, bays, coves and islets with crystal clear seas. What distinguishes the island is not simply its beauty but its unspoilt beauty – wild and aristocratic at the same time.Symi is a painting in its own right. There are many beautiful sights to see. The sunsets and sunrises are amazing. One must absolutely make the trip across the island to Panormitis, either by car or motorbike and enjoy the wilderness and change in natural scenes as you go through the mountains. Panormitis is the Patron Saint of the island and is to Symi what Saint Maria of Tinos is to the Cyclades islands. There is a Nautical Museum in Ghialos and an Archaeological and Folklore Museum in Horio. One must also take a walk up the Kali Strata (Good Steps) with its 400 steps which lead to the Upper Symi (Horio). The Kali Strata was so named because in the old days only the upper class people of the island were allowed to use it and for that reason you will see many large stately villas. In Ghialos you will find the church of Saint John which has a bell tower unique in Greece, made of sculpured stone. One can also visit the church of Evangelismos in the Harani area which has wonderful views. There are 365 churches and monasteries in Symi which are known for their tidiness from the meticulous care taken by the families who take care of them all year around.Symi is also well known for its unique quarried rock face. At Saint George of Dysalona people come from all over the world to climb it (approximately 300 meters). The “Guide Office of Chamonix Mont Blanc France”, visits Symi many times a year for this reason. The rock is cut like from a sword and according to the legend, it is said that it was cut by Saint George himself with his sword.

4. Safety

In our troubled times of terrorism, violence and crime, governments all over the world are spending huge amounts of money to combat them. Our safety has become even more important and today we value and appreciate it more than ever. We will not go for holidays or invest in a place where there is fear of violence, crime with prying and annoying journalists. After all, no one wants to become a prisoner in their own home.

In the end it doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you are not safe it simply isn’t worth it.

However, in Symi safety is build-in the Symian culture and the same people have been providing it throughout the centuries, that it has now become an integral part of their society. Symi is perhaps one of the few places in the world blessed with absolute safety. This is Symi biggest advantage. It does not matter who you are, you can walk without fear in the streets, without worrying about crime rates and without any Paparatsies anywhere to shake your private life.

With absolute certainty we can boldly state that Symi is 100% Safe!

5. Peace

Needless to say, Symi is the ideal place to relax your mind to leave yourself free out of your problems, noise, traffic, pollution, anxiety. In the whole of Symi you will not find one traffic light! There are no factories, no industries nothing superficial or artificial – just the natural ingredients of Paradise like calmness, serenity, tranquil waters amazing sunrises and sunsets and above all warm hearted and most hospitable people, all sharing a common peace of mind.

6. Quality

Because Symi is a small island and has no airport or big roads, it cannot practically attract big tour companies or agencies that generally offer mass holiday tourism, which most of the time what they really offer is cheap tourism. Symi is definitely “Au de Parfum” not “Au de Toilette”. The quality of people it attracts belongs to the upper middle class like doctors, lawyers, actors, painters, architects, authors and generally intellectual people. Most of them come with their impressive sail or motor yachts to reap the seafaring benefits of our strategic location.

Symi is synonymous with quality of people, life, food, seas and everyone is happy to acknowledge that:

QUALITY is better than QUANTITY

7. Hospitality

When you visit Symi you are immediately impressed with her unique and amphitheatric natural harbor, which is surrounded with traditional neo classical houses in white, blue and yellow pastel colors. Above all what distinguishes the island is the peace and safety it offers. That means that unlike other tourist destinations, here you can calmly walk around at 3 o’clock in the morning, leave your house door or car unlocked and be free of such worries. By all means a hospitable and friendly island which is attracting an ever increasing number of famous personalities and high end visitors whom prefer to visit incognito.This gives you the opportunity to be involved, interact and experience the spiritual and calming influence of its enchanted atmosphere.Trust the Symiots in their Symian Paradise. If you want hospitality, then you have come to the right place. Trust us and we will take full responsibility to provide guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind. Trust us to spoil you in the unspoilt island!

8. Investment

INVESTING for us means that even in the worst possible crisis, you will have a return of your investment or at least when want to sell your property to be able to get your money back. In Symi, however, in nearly all cases new investors in lands or in houses managed to double or even triple their money with even bigger profits for old investors.

Symi has inherited an extraordinary home grown architecture. This Neo Classical architecture is protected by UNESCO, which defines how properties is designed and build under strict guidelines. This explains why Symi houses are unique, like a painting of a great artist, or like a good cognac…

Every year it passes the more valuable it is. It becomes become priceless in time, like a “PICASSO” painting.

If we have to compare property prices we have to do it with other similar unique destinations similar to Symi and not just any other property. If we do it that way, SYMI is really still very cheap and for sure it is the right time NOW to buy a property. Every year that passes it become even more expensive, PLUS the fact that already some VIP has bought their property. Unique destinations for us are other famous areas protected in the Mediterranean and popular, in Greece in ITALY, in FRANCE, CROATIA, Spain etc. We all know how high the prices are in Mykonos, Santorini, Patmos, or CAPRI in Italy, Positano, Costa Amalfitana, or South of France or Montenegro etc.

And of course, we cannot compare the cost of a house in Rhodes, or other city or another big island with a house in Symi. That means if in Rhodes a company decides to build 2000 houses in a specific area, normally, the market value of the houses in the area will drop, and if a crisis come – forget it! It becomes very difficult to keep the value of your house even at a steady level. In Symi it is impossible to build 2000 houses, it is a protected area, and so building new houses is very limited.

In Symi Real Estate we have been following the market trends since 1980. We know how it was in 1990, how it was in 2000, in 2010. With our extensive experience we know exactly how it is going to be in the next 10 years. We can definitely say this; because Symi has a unique beauty and very limited availability for properties, soon their prices will surely rise very high.

The window of opportunity knocks. Now is the time to invest either it is for a small studio, a luxury villa OR a complex of houses for big investors. We are there to provide all available information and support you with your decision.

Here is our conclusion:

Call Symi Real Estate Now

Invest Today

Win Tomorrow!

9. Walks

The guidebooks for independent travellers describe Symi as a “day tripper island”, and you will surely get that impression if you arrive on one of the late morning sailings from Rhodes.But if you stay, make the most of the town and waterfront in the early morning and later evening, and head for the hills, you will find its hidden delights.Symi was the island that really sparked off the Walking the Islands project since the 1980s!In summary, here’s what Symi offers:

A picturesque harbour, with neo-classical mansions in a huge sheltered fjord like inlet

The remnants of one of the largest boat-building and sponge-fishing industries in the Mediterranean

An almost eerie proximity to Turkey; when walking the hills, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish whether you’re looking at the hills of Symi, the islets or the Dorian Hills on the Turkish coast

A comprehensive day boat service linking the port with islets and remote, cliff-backed bays and beaches (with possibilities for linear walks)

A remote monastery at the far end of the island, with a massive Panegyri (festival)

Juniper woods , a network of trails and spring and autumn flowers in abundance

Monastery of Panormitis, which is the largest in the Dodecanese.

Additional 364 Churches and Monasteries

10. Secret

This is the secret island of the rich and famous. When they want to mention our island they whisper the name softly between each other and carefully so not to turn this part of paradise too crowded.

Some of high end national, international visitors and A-list stars include Giorgio Armani, Ornella Mouti, John Malcovic, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Jeremy Irons, Jessica Parker and last but not least the top Turkish high society, like the KOC family, the SABANGI family etc. whom fall in love with our small and virgin island.

There is a special feeling when some of these people are in the harbour with the extraordinary beautiful mega yachts, walking, jogging, eating, drinking, shopping, enjoying every moment in our picturesque SYMI…and you are part of this, you are among them and never too many together…They are never too many together like in a meeting or in a festival…Time after time someone visits and that’s what is nice for everyone…there is PRIVACY for all!!!