Symi festival 2011

Symi festival 2011

John Diakogiannis (1957 - 2008)

John Diakogiannis (1957 – 2008)

Since 1995, Symi has hosted the Symi Festival during the months of July to September. This festival was founded by Greek political journalist, Ioannis (John) Diakogiannis, who established it in the birthplace of his father Eleftherios C. Diakogiannis. Since its inception it has attracted many Greek musicians (Katy Garbi, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Glykeria, Alkistis Protopsalti, Mihalis Emirlis, Dimitra Galani, Despina Olympiou, etc.) to perform at free open-air concerts in the main square of Yialos, and also consists of many dance and theatre events.

Symi 17th Festival 2011 Schedule

16th July – St John’s yard, Yialos – Children’s choir from Rhodes

“Songs from Symi with love”. Concert by the children’s choir of the Municipality of Rhodes directed by Giorgos Sakelaridis and the participation of the student orchestra “XENI EMMER” taught by Leonidas Sakelaridis and the pianist Sevasti Hatzistrati.

24th – 29th July and 1st – 3rd August – Petridios yard, Yialos

Film Nights.

27th July – Yard of St. Panteleimon

Revival of the traditional Feast of the church of Panteleimon.

30th July, Town square, Yialos – Official Premier

Miltos PashalidisMiltos PashalidisMiltos Pashalidis
Greek music concert with Miltos Pashalidis. A performance based on his own 15 years of personal discography, as well as songs from other Greek composers. Also appearing: Mirela Pahou (piano, accordion, voice), Dimjitris Sinogiannis (electric guitar), Andreas Arvantis (lira, laouto) and Froso Stylianou (voice). Also appearing Agapitos Pahos.

31st July – Syllogos Square, Horio

“Symiote Shrimp Festival”. Traditional dances by the Women’s Association of Symi, accompanied with the band of by Michalis Missos.

1st – 15th August – Reading Room Aegli Yialos

“Cultural August”. A fortnight’s journey into the culture and history of Symi.

4th – 14th August – St. George beach

Base jumping world cup (see posters around Yialos and Horio)

5th August – Megalos Sotiris

Revival of the traditional Feast at the church of Megalos Sotiris

6th August – Central Square Yialos

Irene Milonaki presents contemporary and traditional dances with her dance group.

11th August – Central Square Yialos

Traditional Greek dances from the Dodecanese, Asia Minor and Northern Greece presented by the Women’s Association of Symi.

13th August – Central Square Yialos

The Symiote Theatre Group present a theatrical performance directed by Antonis Antonoglou.

15th August – Church of Alithini, Horio

Revival of the traditional Feast at the church of Alithini in Horio.

19th August – Central Square Yialos

Nimborio to Yialos annual race, award ceremony and a concert by Lefteris Stefanou and his students.

20th August – Panormitio Conference Centre

The Municipal Conservatoire of Symi, ‘Giannis Diakogiannis’ presents a musical event.

23rd August – Nimos island

Revival of the traditional Feast at the church of Nimos

8th – 9th September – Symi and Datca

Two days of events dedicated to peace including the Symi-Datca swimming race.

10th September

Thisias race, Symi to Panormitis

17th September – Central Square Yialos

Greek music concert with Adonis Mitzelos


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