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Symi Top is created with the intention of giving complete information and promotion of Symi. It is sponsored by the top businesses of the island and that is how the site got its name.

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Below we list our current supporters. Symi Top is solely supported from our supporters. Thanks to them the site is being developed and regularly updated to bring you the latest information concerning Symi and recommendations to maximize benefits and your time during your visit to our island.

Large and small, outlying and cosmopolitan beaches at your disposal to enjoy the crystal clear waters.
Simi despite its small size, has plethora monasteries that you can visit in combination with walks on the island.
On Symi food is one of our passions. Let yourself wander into a unique journey of flavors and natural ingredients that you will never forget.
As there is no Airport in Symi, you need to travel first to Rhodes, Kos, or even Athens and then come by boat.
This lovely island despite being small in size has indeed a long mythology which dates back to the ancient times.
The island of Symi, which through the centuries met so many conquerors until it finally, enjoyed its freedom.